You're My Sunflower

Happy Wednesday's crafty folks!

I hope everyone is having a good hump day! I know I have a lot of plans today for little crafting projects and chores around the house. Wednesdays have been deemed "adulting days" by my partner and I, so we try and work on the projects we typically avoid. Some things on the list for today are dishes, general tidying, and dealing with my finances with my partner.

On the crafty side, I have been working on building myself something I've wanted since I learned to crochet. A granny square sunflower blanket. I love sunflowers, they are one of my favorite flowers and just so bright and fun! So piece by piece I've been crocheting a million sunflower squares to eventually stitch together. I added the link for the pattern of the sunflowers I used down below. The only things I really changed are that I switch off my second darkest color so I have different variations of flowers, which you can kind of see above, and I am not making a bag, obviously. I'm so excited to see the final product when I am finished! I was definitely time to make something for myself in between preparing stock for the Esty store!

The second crafty thing I am doing is actually putting together the lightbox for product photos. I did a few tests with some of the materials I found on Monday but ended up running out of time, and then being too busy yesterday to get back into it. I'm hoping I can get something rigged together quickly!

Last crafty thing on the agenda is I just got commissioned to do a crochet project for a dear friend of mine. We are now in the brainstorming stage of what they may want, but I love this side of the creative project. Where you get to discover different ideas and look at patterns of beautiful things other folks have made! Getting inspiration and honing in on what you might be making next! This friend and I have talked about a couple ideas from a colorful picture frame he could put in a person picture and hang on the wall, to intricate mandala patterns to decorate his place! Either way I'm stoked to just be making something for a friend!

Now off to the day! Hope everyone gets through this week, since we are halfway there!

Happy Crafting Friends!


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