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Happy Thursday crafters!

Hope everyone has been having a good week! I know I have. My wonderful partner sadly has gone out of town for a convention so I am home alone with the pup. Instead of wallowing in that, I invited Jailene (my partner in crime) over to stay for a couple nights! So obviously we are both working on a lot of great projects, in between the gaming and fun!

We've both been working on blankets the past few days. She is working on this beautiful pink, grey, white ripple blanket. I'll show her progress on our Instagram today! I am still working on my granny square sunflower blanket. I've made a lot of progress! I have been working up the squares section at a time, making 20 squares bit by bit.

I love how they look all finished. I'm currently working on that last color, completing the square with that lovely cream color. I will most likely stitch the blanket together with that same cream yarn, but I had a thought to make it a beautiful dark forest green, and make it almost like a stem, but I haven't found the right color for what I want. I think either way it will still look lovely woven all together! As you may be able to see it, I have an alternating center color of my sunflowers. I plan to alternate between them in the blanket as well and have almost a diagonal pattern of them working up. I am so excited for the finished look!

That's really all of an update I have. Everything else that we are working on is all things I've talked about. Just getting through some of our work in progress projects. Making our logo, building up a stock of items, perfecting hats, building hooded scarves, and so much more.

I hope you all have a wonderful crafty day and find both the motivation and inspiration you need for your own W.I.P.'s!

Happy Crafting

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