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Happy Wednesday crafters!

My partner and I have been trying to start a habit of getting things done on Wednesdays. We've done it a few months now, Wednesday rolls around and we work through some of the projects that have super been needing to get completed. As is pretty obvious, I have a lot of projects for our Etsy to work on!

We made a rough time line to get a lot of our over arching projects completed on a schedule! I'm not sure how strict we will adhere to it, but it sets better goals and boundaries for us to work towards.

Our main projects that need to get completed before we can open feels a bit daunting. We have a decent amount of inventory ready but we have to do pretty much everything else for opening. I finally chose a spreadsheet to use for our inventory so we are actually starting to make progress on that. It's a pretty simple spreadsheet and we have to manually edit things in or out of it so I think long term it probably won't work for us. I did a little bit of research into it and many crafters or sellers in general will sell things on both Etsy and Shopify. I think we are just going to stick with Etsy for a little while until we get the hang of things, but if we ever did branch out I can easily see where our little inventory spreadsheet isn't going to be enough. In the research I learned that there are a million different inventory tracking software which actually work with Etsy and Shopify to automatically move something out of inventory when its purchased from either and can link to the site to make them say out of inventory on the actual site. I think if we start getting a lot of sales on our items, then we would upgrade to one of those programs. In the meantime I am not too worried we are going to get overwhelmed with sales to the point of either double selling or anything like that. Either way our current inventory tracking spreadsheet is going to be our trial run, to see how we like it.

Another of our big projects is that we still have to do product photos. I finally had time to go shopping yesterday to get more of the materials I needed to fix up the photo booth. I got some different shelf lining materials that look like wood and marble. I'm going to attach those to the foam boards I have so I don't always just have the option of using white as the backdrop. I'm going to put it together later today, and try and take an photo for our Instagram of it. Now that I have that I can start the photos, but we still have the question of if we wanted our clothing items to have tags. We so far are deciding that we do want to have a small tag with our logo that we sew into our hats and scarves. We have a lot of options on how to do our tags so its another project we have to solve first.

Our tag options could be that we just make our own sew in tags, by getting plain ribbon or fabric and using a laser printer or embroidery tool to add our logo to it. If we go with that option, it would involve waiting a week, going to a open lab night at a local game/maker store where they teach people how to use all the tools in their makers room. They have a bunch of neat tools like a laser printer, the embroidery machine, 3D printer and many others. I think we may end up going to one of their open lab nights anyways just to learn the tools and see what we could possibly do there without having to own the machines. The owners make it very accessible to learn the tools and rent the room so in the long run it will probably be the better option depend on if we can actually do the things we want with the tools available and cost. Our other main options which may be what we start with at first is just ordering a spool of ribbon with our logo custom designed into it. That way we can just cut and sew sections in and not have to worry about making it for now. It is definitely the easier option, but could be more costly. There are just so many factors to each option that we need to investigate more and really flesh out the costs of each. That is something we have in the schedule to work through this week though, so hopefully I'll have a final logo and update about all this by Sunday!!

Those are the main focuses of the week, getting both projects ready and set up so that when we actually build our Etsy for opening we have an easy time just adding everything we've already done in. We are hoping that we can get our Etsy up and running within the next two weeks! I'm so excited, but also so nervous for it! I really hope we can get everything we need done without too much stress.

I am still also working to complete projects for my soon to be nephew and his parents. I'm making the baby blanket and still progressing on that! Here is a little wip picture of it! I think the colors are working out quite nice with that mandala yarn.

I'm curious to see how the rest of the color changes go. I honestly am a little unsure of the orange to grey to bright blue section still. I am going to continue crafting it until I make it a full sized baby blanket, and then decide if I like it. Honestly though, if I am not the biggest fan of how the colors progressed, I may just list this blanket on Etsy, and hope someone else liked it more than I did, and make a different one for my nephew. Either way I like how the beginning color change looks so stinkin' much!

That's it for todays update, I hope everyone is having a great week, and can finish the rest of this week on a high note!

Happy Crafting All!

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