Time for Color

Hello Crafters!

The frames are finished! Pretty colors and shapes all around!

After frogging the large frame and remaking the smaller original version of the frame pictured on top, the project is finished! I think they look so cool together. He wanted to have the frame I remade mimic the first small frame I made (the bottom frame pictured above). As you can see the yarn I was using was had color changes so it went from that pretty orange to a bright yellow right away in the middle. I think it adds character to it, and just adds to the overall effect. I am glad we went with two smaller frames instead of that larger one. I just think they look more as they were intended to look.

I will say this, following the pattern for the frames was a bit of a effort. I will link it once again at the bottom of this post for anyone curious. It was just not well written. Especially for frame on bottom in the picture. That one is "frame three" in the pattern, and it really just didn't explain parts you were supposed to do. I ended up just looking at the picture they had of each of the frames an guessing, trying to get as close to the pictures as possible. The thing that tipped me off that it was poorly written was for "frame three", Once I got to my 3rd row, the blue ring, it was just saying to sets of 5 triple crochets (treble crochets, tr) in one space, then skip a couple stitches and repeat 12 times. It didn't say skip 2 then do a single tr, or dc (double crochet). So once I had repeated almost 8 of those, I realized there was no way 12 of these sections would get me all the way around! So I frogged and followed the picture instead. In the end it is done and I think looks beautiful! It also has gotten the stamp of approval from my friend!

In other news, yesterday I took a break from work, Esty and the blog to do a little self care! I went and got my hair done. I went from a blonde/reddish tint to a bright coppery red orange color, just in time for fall. I've missed being a red head and having that pop of bright color! It also was just so nice to have someone rub my scalp and play with my hair. Everyone needs to do little things for themselves every now and then and it was well overdo for me to get that done! Never forget to treat yourself!

Hope everyone's weeks are going well! We are halfway into it, we can do this!

Happy Crafting

Colorful Frames Pattern: https://www.topcrochetpatterns.com/crochet-patterns/picture-frames1

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