The Beginnings


This is the first entry of a most likely rambling blog about the adventures of my best friend and I starting an Esty shop. There isn't a real direction this blog is meant to go other than just share our stories and journey in what we are doing to prepare. It may just turn into a ADHD story dump most of the time, so I understand if that isn't your style. The goal here is to just help find or make a community of other crafters with similar mindsets and have some fun on the way.

To start our journey I'll give a little background about the lady behind the keyboard. My name is Melissa. I'm born and raised Colorado gal, and have no desires of leaving. I've been crafting since I was little, but crocheting for about two years. If you hadn't picked up on it I also have ADHD. SO naturally I tend to fixate on crafting or crocheting for hours at a time. This lovely fixation lead to the natural idea... maybe I should just sell stuff. Luckily my friend and the wonderful woman who taught me to crochet thought the same thing. My partner in crime in this adventure is the beautiful Jailene! She is also born and raised here in Colorado and has been crafting since she could move her hands. Okay, okay that's a lie, but she has been doing it for over a decade! She and I have been friends for only a few years now, but we definitely have found our soul sisters! Sharing so many of the same interests and ideas about life and the world. It certainly feels like we just share a single brain cell at times! We are both into witch things, crafting, cute animals, being obsessed with coffee, geeky shows, movies and things, and sharing our mental illness struggles, knowing it is nice to not be alone in them.

Now we are here! Working on the beginning steps of building a little company together, and selling our handmade goods on Etsy. Even if no one were to ever read this, it will be a documentation on our adventures to create this dream. If you are reading it, welcome... your probably just our family members huh... Either way feel free to say hello!

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