Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday all!

I know I've talked about Gemstone Yarn before on this blog but, I don't think I will ever stop loving it! The reason I bring it up again is because as I was saying the other day, I've been making these beautiful hooded scarves with that yarn. While making my last one I ran out while working on the hood part of my scarf, so I needed to get more. Well the day has arrived!!! I had to order the yarn online since none of my local craft stores carried the color. Today it arrived, including the other color I wanted that I didn't see carried at my store either! I'm going to try and work up the rest of the scarf today, but below is a WIP picture of it.

As you all may know, my partner has been out of town this week. Today is the day he comes home as well!! Granted, he is coming home late at night, but he is going to be home none the less! I've been having a blast while he has been gone though. After my sleepover with my marvelous crafting partner Jailene, I also scheduled a sleepover with my 11 year old nephew! We had so many fun plans. He got to get some Virtual Reality (VR) time in, which he was definitely most excited for! We made some delicious home made pizza, giving our pizza frowny and smiley faces and stuffed crust. We ended up staying up practically all night playing video games, eating junk food and candy. Finally we just watched a movie and fell asleep. Then the next morning went over to my parents, his grandparents, so his Granddaddy could make him some yummy waffles! It was a blast. It feels good to get some quality family time in and see my nephew so happy! He has always been one of my favorite humans on the planet so getting time with him is the best.

That is really all I have been up to! Not very thrilling but I will keep everyone up to date on any of our Etsy and crafting projects! As for now, I am still relaxing and getting some other stuff around the house I need done, and that has been taking priority over everything else. Still have many WIP's getting worked on, but it is always positive to work through those. I hope everyone is having a good week and can start off the new week tomorrow all fresh and ready!

Happy Crafting

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