Scarf Season is Coming!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday.

Mine has been a bit busy so far, just with normal life things. I had to go to my primary care physician for a medicine check. I am on Adderall for my A.D.D (attention deficit disorder). It is one of those things that makes me feel more normal. Any time I take it I can finally get things done, I feel like I think a little slower and more focused instead of the forever internal chaos and clutter that usually goes on. Heck, I could power through a entire smaller crochet project when I get the right focus!

Speaking of powering through projects, I am back to working on creating stock for our Etsy! Today I'm working on this beautiful cowl/ hooded scarf pattern with probably one of my favorite yarns to look at. I will link to the pattern at the bottom, as always. The yarn I am using is Red Heart Gemstone Yarn! The one I currently have is called Jasper, and it is just so pretty! The way the colors work up together in this scarf is just so pretty and flows so well together.

This is the jasper Gemstone yarn. I just love the different variations of color throughout it. Honestly all the gemstone yarns are just so gorgeous especially for this pattern. I feel like they work so well! I'll post some of our other scarves and ones done with other Gemstone yarns on our Instagram today!

This pattern is one I've done quite a few times and experimented with several different kinds of yarns to find what I like best. We want to have a couple variations of the scarf ready for the shop for winter gear! That's really the main project for the day! Just working on getting through some of those projects!

Hope everyone's week finishes off nicely!

Happy Crafting!

Hooded Scarf Pattern:

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