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Howdy fellow crafters! How's everyone's weeks turning out? It is finally Friday and we are rapidly approaching the weekend! Anyone doing anything exciting? I know my partner is off to a convention for the weekend, Nan Desu Kan or NDK. It is a three day Japanese Culture Convention, that has a lot of interesting and fun things to do at it. Although I will not be attending I know that would be a great way to spend the weekend! I on the other hand will be home crafting and snuggling my pup. If anyone is curious about said pup that is and will be mentioned endlessly, as I am obsessed, this is her!

This sweet girl is Rayla, she's full bred German Shepherd goof ball and only a one year old! I'm sure I will talk about her far too much, because she is my little companion animal who is with me all the time. (yes we have attachment issues)

On to the crafts! Today I've been making progress on the picture frame commission. He wanted a larger frame so we ended up doubling the pattern and size of the frame from what it originally was. So far I only have the base ring/frame done, but I'll probably work on that more today and hopefully finish it up! I'm thinking I'll also make the smaller version just because I already have the cardboard ring you crochet around made. Another thing I worked on for this was, since I am using that gorgeous mandala yarn I decided to get a more obvious color progression, instead of being mid way around a section then have the color change like it would naturally, so I wound and cut the color change in the yarn. Now I have each color sectioned off and in small cake forms. That way I can control how the color progression goes a bit more, which is a bigger deal on the little frame. If I just kept going with the yarn as is, I think it would have all turned out mostly one color. Now we get a fun semi rainbow effect and its a little more blocks of color than before! I'll be sure to post the final photos to Instagram once it is ready!

On Etsy side of things we are still making headway on our logo. We are also discussing how we want to possibly label things. I've seen many different variation on tags that get sewn into hats and on scarves and other products, and since we are trying to focus on winter wear at the moment for when we open the store, it would be nice to have some sort of tag. Of the options, we are trying to figure out the best and cheapest way for us to brand our gear effectively. We have a local game store that has a makers workshop area with lots of equipment that would be useful, including a laser printer and embossing machine. So we are looking into possibly renting the workshop for a day or so and hand making a bunch of tags with our logo on them. I'm hoping we can find a effective way of doing this that also isn't horribly time consuming, since you really don't want to waist too much time on a tag, when you'd rather spend that time making a good quality product. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on that adventure too! You can be sure if we are in the workshop that I will take some photos for everyone!

I hope everyone has a magical, wonderful weekend and gets time to wind down (yarn pun intended) and enjoy it!

Happy crafting friends!

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