Just Another Manic Monday

Hello Crafters! Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

I know I haven't been posting or updating, I am still in that flare up of my immune system. Lucky for me though, I have a very good support system. Between my partner, who is the most wonderful man on the planet with more patience then I sometimes deserve, and my business partner/ best friend who is helping me work through all this stress with such love and kindness, I am a very cared for human. I feel so lucky to know these kinds of relationships in my life and will forever be grateful!

On to the crafts! We are currently building a timeline for the Etsy opening so we can really push and get stuff out there. We made a more extensive to-do list of all the action items we still need to complete. Top of the list being to actually inventory what we already have. I have been wanting to make this inventory list for a while now, but I keep getting in my own way about it. I think I just want it to be perfect, the "right" excel spreadsheet, but then when I start hunting for templets or trying to make it myself it just isn't what I want. I'm not sure what exactly is off about any of these templets, other then them not fitting some weird ideal I have in my head. I'm at the point where I really need to just either pick one and stick to it and move forward, or make it myself and move on. That is kind of the theme with most of our to-do list though. Either I am not sure how to execute something or I don't know exactly what I want, and then it gets procrastinated. Something about the product photos has also seemed daunting and I am not loving the photo booth I set up, therefore it is getting procrastinated. All and all Jailene and I are working our tushes off to build a timeline to help prevent ourselves from slacking or continuing to procrastinate.

Some other the other things I have been doing while I've been kind of taking a break for my health is still working on the baby things. I finished the cute little beanie with ear flaps for collection of little things I am making them! I haven't washed or blocked it so the strings sit flat but I think they look cute all curly!

I'm now working on making a baby blanket with the same yarn from the hat! I'm doing a ripple blanket (pattern at the bottom). I'm still using that mandala yarn I'm addicted to as well. I definitely will need to post a picture of it as I work it up because the color transition at the beginning of it is so pretty! I've made a couple blankets using this ripple pattern before and I must say its my favorite to follow. It looks really nice and is easy to understand. Also if you ever make a mistake, skip a stitch, anything like that, you find out the next row so you're never needing to frog several rows after spying a small mistake earlier on. This blanket has become very intuitive for me because I no longer need the pattern I just do what looks and feels right after making so many of them! Just like when I make my dragon scale dice bags. It's just something I've made enough of to know how to do it without too much brain power. Since I am in a flare up right now, not needing to put too much thought while I craft is a definite plus!

I'll start sharing our timeline a little more on here tomorrow if I can, to keep letting everyone know how it is going, and how we are doing things!

Hope everyone has a marvelous week, and can craft til' their hearts content.

Happy Crafting

Ripple Blanket: https://ravel.me/rambling-ripple

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