How to be a Dice Hoarding Dragon

Happy Monday Crafters!

Monday nights are my dungeons and dragons (D&D) game! So I thought I'd share a little big more about what that means to any non roleplaying games people, on a kind of basic level. My friends and I will gather online, grab our character sheets and dice and enter a magical world. We are currently running through a game called Humblewood, where all of the people are woodland critters. I currently am playing a little hedgehog monk who is the epidemy of a Hufflepuff. My friends are playing a variety of characters from a druid owl, to a wizard mouse. It is an absolute blast being able to write our own epic tale and experience these amazing interactions with one another! The reason I bring up D&D is because a big part of most RPG players, is our love of dice! Pretty clacky shiny rocks that let us decide the outcome in our games! Being the typical player I have become a dice hoarder too, and the best way to store dice? Obviously in a super cute dragon scale dice bag!

I've been making several of these over the years of crocheting and its probably my favorite thing to both make and use. They hold a surprising amount of dice and are just so cool to look at. I have made quite a few of these to add to the Etsy shop once we finally get it up and running. I'm hoping to have a good variety of bags in various colors to match the endless variety of dice I keep collecting.

Other crafty projects for the weekend, we are still working on building up our stock of items for Etsy. We have been making these cute hooded scarves/ cowls that just look so comfy and pretty! I'll try to post some pictures of those in the blog tomorrow to show everyone! I'm a bit obsessed with them, I made myself one too so I have one for winter!

I've also made a lot of progress on my commission. I finished the larger picture frame for my friend, but we both decided it wasn't what we wanted. I think it was just too big and wonky for what we were going for. I had also made a smaller frame with no parameters set, just since I had already cut the cardboard circle the frame is built around already. He ended up liking that one way more, that instead of the original big one he wants that one and another smaller frame that reverses the color order of the first small frame I made. I'm excited to see the finished product. The little frame looked way cooler then I was anticipating and really pretty with the colors. Also I foolishly took apart the big frame to reuse that yarn before I got a chance to take a photo to show everyone.... so, sorry about that! But I will take photos of the two little ones together later today!

Final project that I'm working on today is editing photos. As I've written on here before, editing photos has kind of become the bane of my existence. Realistically the photos of products and projects really don't need much editing, just a bit of lighting corrections to be honest. I think I am just too much of a perfectionist when it comes to photography. I avoid posting or sharing less adequate photos if I can. Hopefully I can get myself out of that a bit and just share some of the cool project photos I've already taken, but I am going to take some time later today to gather the photos and put them somewhere I can actually use them.

I hope everyone's projects and crafts are going well and I wish good vibes and good luck to everyone going into this new week!

Happy Crafting.

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