How Do You Start An Etsy?

Sometimes I feel like I am adding steps and to-do's that are so unnecessary for starting this little business that I overwhelm myself even more.

We are currently behind our arbitrary schedule for opening. There are still so many little tasks to do, but we are already really delayed. The delay isn't just coming from us not getting things done, its from waiting on receiving things we need for our products. We have been working to get everything done, and on that list was our logo.

Here is the finalized logo!!!!!

Here she is in all her glory.

We wanted something simple enough to show what we do and our name, but could fit in the social media little bubble for an icon just as easily as fit on a tag.

Speaking of tags, because we have our logo, we know what we want on our tags that we are going to sew into our items. We were talking about making them, and we may still do that in the future but for now we just ordered tags. We ordered a spool of ribbon with our logo on it from an Etsy shop linked below called "inkedpapers". I am super excited to see how it turns out but because we took our time ordering them, it also means we have to wait a bit before we can get them. This is adding another delay to our shop, so instead of only a couple week timeline, we may have to wait until the very start of November to open our shop. We want to make all our products consistent and well made, having our own tag and knowing best placement and positioning is going to be part of that.

Other than tags, we are still working on cataloging our inventory. This was something we had planned to spend last Saturday working on but that plan fell through. My partner had heard from a coworker that he had tested positive for Covid. So he immediately went and got tested and we isolated until he got the results back. Luckily no harm, no foul, he was fine and we are already back to normal life, but it meant loosing the time Jailene and I usually have to work. We practically are a shared household anyways with how often we are together, but we just didn't want to risk too much exposure just in case. Now knowing that we are going to be delayed no matter what while we wait for our tags, I feel way better about having to miss that day. Less stressed.

We still have a million and one things to do for opening, but a slightly extended timeline. The goal now is to not procrastinate and to get our butts in gear.

Today I am working on the business side of things. Which seems redundant since it is all business, but I mean the actual business, and not the products. I am making sure we have a business license and all the correct paperwork to be legally allowed to sell our items in our state! This side of things is definitely just as intimidating as the rest of it. I never know where to begin. I am lucky to have had some help navigating this area from friends who know how! I would be very lost without the group of people I have in my life! I will try to post another blog update later this week with more progress, but sometimes I truly wonder how people do this without massive amounts of stress! If anyone reading this knows how to minimize the stress levels, please leave a comment!

Happy Crafting All!

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