Hats, Hats and more Hats!

Happy Monday All!

Today we are working with a knitting machine! I have the Sentro 48 needles, weaving loom round spinning knitting machine. Its a mouthful, but it is super nice to use. We have been making our stock of both crochet and knit things so it will be super nice to be able to crank a couple out in a day with the knit machine verses maybe one. I am in the process of really learning how to use it. How to perfect it and make the knot at the top of each hat seamless and looking nice. I am also working to make really cool reversible beanies as well. The project has been going well. We both made several prototypes using different yarns, but are just continuing to work to make sure they are the highest quality.

The machine has been a breeze to work with, I can see how some of the more popular Etsy shops that use those can have so many products now! I was definitely feeling that overwhelm of, we aren't going to have enough stock to really open, or have things that people would be buying right now! The hat pattern or guide I really should say that we have been using, we found through Tik Tok. I added the creators @ down below that made us get this machine! She has a lot of really great videos on her page there! You should all check her out! I am so glad we did because I'm much less stressed and can focus on crocheting the other projects I had!

Speaking of crochet, I got another small commission from a friend! They wanted a small dice bag for emergencies and travel. They specifically wanted just a little purple one so that is what I did! I worked on it this weekend and luckily it didn't take too long to work up! I'll be posting a picture of the finished bag to our Etsy later today! It always seems so fitting that

I talk about dice or D&D on Monday's! I always get so excited for the game I am in! The adventures we make are always a blast. We are currently in this magical school seeking out information. I like to make my character the conspiracy theorist and it has been hilarious to do so. I feel like Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Below is a picture of one of the hats we have ready for our Etsy in preparation for the chilly season ahead! Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

Happy Crafting

Tik Tok Creator: @katytedid86

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