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Howdy All! Happy Thursday!

Today is a busy, busy day for me! I have a lot on my to-do list both for Comforting Crafters things, and for me.

On the craft side, I am going to work on writing some product descriptions for the items we have so far. Working on SEO (search engine optimization) which everything I've researched tells me this is one of the more important things when creating a store of any sort. I need to name our items, make descriptions, create good hashtags, see what trends are going on now and all that good stuff. This is one of the more daunting tasks I think I've been avoiding when we started working on opening an Etsy and making this a business. Everything I read, and advice I've been given all says how this is one of the things that can make or break a store. It's something I'm going to put a lot of thought into and hope that I am doing it as best I can.

Another thing I've been told can make or break your online stores is the product photos. I think this is another reason I've been so particular about what photos I have ready. I think my little makeshift photo booth/lightbox needs an update already. I don't like just the plain white background for every single photo I take. When I went shopping for it, I had looked for that cheap, shelf liner material. I've seen so many varieties of it. Including some that look like hardwood floors, or planks, or just nice wallpaper like patterns. I sadly didn't find what I had wanted on my first attempt. This time I think I need to try a couple other stores and fully hunt down what I am looking for and the look I want.

It is always a little hard for me to run to several stores at once during a week day. I have to put our little one year old puppy in her crate. We don't let her roam free because she is still too young to be trusted with freedom in the house and I don't want to shove her in a small room like a bathroom, incase she gets into something she really shouldn't and can hurt herself. The crate normally would be fine, seeing as she loves her crate and has made it her safe space from the world.... but that is only when I am home. She has severe attachment issues that we have been working on for several months now, but haven't made any headway. If anyone has advice on dealing with overly attached pooch, PLEASE feel free to send it our way. We set up a camera to watch her in her crate to make sure she is alright, but the ENTIRE time we are away from the house, she is in there freaking out, barking and crying, pawing at the crate door and the bed she has inside. It breaks my heart every time I have to leave her, but we don't know what else to do. We would just be stuck in the house forever if we couldn't leave her or bring her where ever we are going so it is important we keep working on and hopefully fix the situation. All that to say if I want to run several errands or to multiple stores to find the supplies I need for the photo booth, then I have to be prepared for a very anxious and panicked dog while I'm away.

Could you say no to this face?

The other crafty things that are getting worked on are just the same projects as before. I've been finding myself project hopping a lot lately. I think it's my A.D.D running rampant. I'll start working on the hooded scarf trying to finish it, but get a couple rows done and be bored with it. Then I'll swap to something else and do the same thing. I did finally start crocheting my sunflower blanket together last night though!!! I didn't get bored with it, just got too sleepy but I made it though almost two rows of granny squares woven together. I am using a joining method I actually found through a tutorial on YouTube that I will link below. Its a continuous join as you go crochet method that I think looks just lovely on blankets like this. As I work more and more squares into it I just keep loving it even more! It brings me so much joy for such a little thing! I think its projects like this that make me really love this craft! You can work together some really unique and beautiful, but sometimes even just simple ones can bring someone a lot of joy or warmth! Makes it worth it!

On the busy life side of things, I have a lot of work to do for my normal job. I am a Regulatory Tech for a small oil company. This means I do paperwork and filing for the state and make sure the line of communication is always up. If I am being super honest I don't love my job. It was something I fell into and do well enough to keep going. I think I would like to move my career to something more in the field of psychology, even if this crochet/knit business took off. I really want to work with people and help make a difference, even if small in peoples lives. Alas I am still have to do my Regulatory work.

Once I finish that up today though I am doing something I am extremely excited for! I am going on a friend date with one of my best guy friends to a Twenty One Pilots concert! This is a very big deal for me since Twenty One Pilots are one of my top 5 favorite bands, and I have never seen them live! I normally kind of hate concerts. I have so much anxiety in big crowds like that, that I tend to just get sooooo into my own head that I miss out on the actual moment and fun. It's probably something to do with not feeling like I can just easily escape or not having any control over the situation. Either way analyzing my anxiety wont help, I just have to do it! So I am! I have let myself get excited blocking some of that anxiousness out. This is definitely one of the few bands I break my no concert rule for! Plus I am going with a person I trust implicitly, so I that will ease my anxiety when it starts to kick in.

It is time I get going on the rest of my to-do's for the day so I can get ready for my concert tonight!

Happy Crafting all! Have a wonderful end of week!

Continuous Joining Crochet tutorial:

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