Cinnamon Roll Kind of Day

Hello Crafters!

How's everyone on this fine Thursday?

Today we are working on lots of stuff for Etsy! Also working on my commission! We decided on specifically what the project would be and the yarn going into it. He is wanting a picture frame to hang on his walls! The pattern I found that we both like on Ravelry, and I will link it down below is so fun and colorful. I'm going to be using some Lion Brand Mandala Yarn, which are always so pretty. The yarn I'm trying to get is called Gnome! With a name that like it's already cute as heck! I'm gonna go pick up a few skeins of that from our local craft store later today and see if I can get going on this project. As we worked on the parameters to this project my friend also surprised me with the largest cinnamon roll I think I've ever seen. It is quite literally the size of my face. It's definitely the little things in life that bring me the greatest joy, because that little act of kindness from my friend is so meaningful, and delicious!

As for the lightbox, I think I have enough of a makeshift set up that can use it for more photos. I didn't take a picture of it because honestly its a bit chaotic. I'm going to keep playing with my set up to find what works best. At the moment it really is just two pieces of larger foamy matte white board, the sun, a light I have pointing at the back board kind of above the set up, my larger silver reflector, and my Nikon camera. I'm gonna be posting a few photos from it for future Instagram posts since I took a few test shots and liked how they turned out!

As for more Etsy related projects, my wonderful teammate is working on designing our official logo! I'm so excited that we get to build this thing together and that our skills somehow line up to where we both have our own strengths we bring to the table. She being the graphic design savvy one, will bring a eye of talent I know I wouldn't be able to bring on my own. This is just another reason why starting this little business with her feels so right! We definitely were made not only to be friends but to do this adventure together! We will both be sure to keep you updated and show off our finished logo once its done.

That's it for now. Enjoy all your crafty and non-crafty projects today my friends!


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