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Hello Craft Friends!

I know its been more than just a hot minute since I've written anything on here. To say life got busy would be an understatement but I honestly also just lost the motivation to keep writing. It is just one of those things that I start rationalizing why I am not doing it. "Oh no one really reads it", "We don't even have our store up and running", "We are so slow to open our store so we are still doing the same tasks" all those thoughts keep me in this headspace that it's fine that I am not getting it done. But then this morning I thought, well I am not writing it for popularity or advertising or really any of that. I am writing down our real experiences in what we did to open our store and how we are doing it. That way as we learn and grow, we can see our mistakes and hopefully help someone else trying to do the same avoid those mistakes. So now here we are back at it.

Procrastination has been our main struggle as of late. Sure we have been busy as well but, there are definitely times when we could fit in a little bursts of productive work around the Etsy. We still have a daunting to do list to get our store opened. We have our inventory almost completely done, but the main thing the inventory is lacking is product descriptions that we plan to use for the Etsy. We have things measured, yarn weights and brands, patterns marked, just not the product description that we want to use for the store. It's a pretty simple task, and yet it is like climbing a steep mountain.

Another mountain of a task that I keep putting off is the product photos. I know in my heart it wont be very hard, but just starting the task knowing how much I have to do for it. Gathering all the products, taking several pictures for each and making sure they are all good quality, editing to insure highest quality photo, and then complying them to match each item and eventual description to the correct product photos. Realistically it isn't that much. Once I get started I know it will be easy to complete, but that executive disfunction that comes with A.D.D. is REAL!

On the list of things that are out of our control, we are still waiting on receiving our tags that we will attach to all our products. It should be coming soon, since I've been in contact with the shop owners and their progress on crafting our tags. I'm excited to receive them but I also feel like I'm stalled on doing anything else until they arrive and we can sew them in.

Otherwise, we are still just working away on getting prepare to open and hoping we get at least a couple sales once we do!

As for side projects, the holidays are coming so I am working on making things for my loved ones. I've been making several scarves and been learning to do C2C which is corner to corner stitch for crochet. I'm really liking that kind of pattern. It is so simple yet looks so pretty. I've also finally finished my sunflower blanket! I added a pretty green trim to it with a shell edging! I love how it looks and bonus it is Rayla the puppy approved!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far and that just like me, we all get back into the swing of things and keep on crafting!


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