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Today is definitely starting off as an interesting day. I woke up this morning with a pretty severe migraine, which isn't super unusual for me. I suffer from chronic migraines and headaches. Yet even still I had a lot of goals for myself today, so it is hard to reconcile the fact that maybe I wont get everything I want done and that it will be okay if I don't. I have been slowly trying to learn that my body requires me to slow down and take more breaks some days, and I have to forgive myself. Not negatively self-talking or being upset with myself that I'm not being my most productive self. Today will have to just be one of those days, I forgive myself if I don't accomplish all of my goals I had previous set. I am still attempting to get most of it done though in spite of all that. If you can't tell, I am still learning, but also still too neurotic I think to slow down even when needed sometimes!

Moving onto the goals I had for myself today: It is a Monday which typically means, working from home, caring for my dog (walking, fetch, and training since she is still a puppy), and then playing some dungeons and dragons online with a group of friends tonight. That is usually pretty do-able. But I want to keep making progress for this little company, so I've also set some goals for that! I want to post to Instagram daily, post something to the blog if I can daily. Then we also need to start actually working towards a store opening so keeping on track with our game-plan for that. Todays big goal was to go to the store to pick up the supplies I need to make my own light box for product photos.

I'm a photographer, I have done professional photography in the past. I still very much love photography, but I learned I didn't love the hours of editing that certain jobs required. Sitting in front of a computer looking at the same photo trying to make it perfect, and being grouchy with myself when I couldn't. So I've since resigned myself to only taking pictures of the things I really love, like landscapes, dogs, my loved ones, and doing photos for our new little baby company. Alas the journey of my perfectionism in photograph begins here too.

I plan on making a diy cheaper lightbox/ product photo set up. I'm going to head to my local dollar store and see what I can find for backdrops. I'm hoping either some plain white sheets or maybe some cute, but simple contact paper. I already have all the other supplies I would need. Cardboard box supplied from the packages I get from amazon (*cue the "Jeffery Bezo's" song by Bo Burnham*), my trusty camera, some decent lights, and my reflector. OH and never forget most important thing for beautiful photos!! The sun! Getting that good natural light in there always makes for better photos. I'll try to take a picture of the finished set up once I make it and post it here or Instagram once I'm done!

So wish me luck on todays outing with a migraine and all, hoping I can just power through and complete my day!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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