A Busy Bee Saturday

Happy Saturday Crafters!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! It may be a Saturday but I am still busy as a bee.

I have a Saturday tradition of hanging out with my lovely business partner/ best friend! Jailene comes over and we craft, watch movies or shows, play games both video games and board games, and just spend some quality time together. We've done this for a long time, and it is always a good time because we never have any real expectations. We can just spend some time in the same room together, doing different tasks and enjoy each others company. Today I actually still have some work spilling over from my work week, as well as wanting to update the blog and do some other Etsy stuff with her so it almost feels a bit like another day of the work week. At least I get the joy of her company to help motivate me to get stuff done!

On to the things we are working on! Yesterday I picked out a design in a book of patterns that my partners mother had given me called "Crochet in a day for Baby" by Candi Jensen. A new addition my partners side of the family is brewing and we are going to have a nephew soon! I'm wanting to build up a care package of things they may need or just want for the soon to be bundle of joy. The first thing I have to make is a little baby beanie/ hat. My partner and I have a tradition of giving the new born babies in our life little beanies, so naturally that must continue. The hat in this book, is a cute little ear flap crocheted hat and I am using more of the mandala yarn that I have created a small collection of. I have a couple ideas of other little things I want to make them as well like wash cloths, maybe a bag, a blanket. Just a few little handmade things made with love. The baby shower is near the end of October so I am guessing that most of my other projects will take a small break so I can get gifts made. I am not too worried about it though since they are family and we will see them before and after the baby shower so I can just give them little gifts as I finish projects before the baby is due in February.

Besides that I'm still working on my sunflower blanket and getting that worked together! Each new row of squares makes me so happy and excited to see the final look! We are also still working on all our Etsy projects. We haven't had the time between normal work to write out our product descriptions, but we are going to set aside time today to work on those! Making sure we evaluate our goals of when we want to open and what we want to be in our store, to make sure we are on the right track and moving in a direction we want!

Speaking about normal work, I have been rather busy this week with all my filings for the state and so for the week most crafty stuff has taken a side step and been put on hold. I am hoping that after Tuesday next week, once I've finished all my current work projects, and work calms back down I can really ramp up Etsy projects and make more progress on that!

Lastly I wanted to talk about the concert I went to on Thursday!! As I wrote in my last post, I got invited to a Twenty One Pilots concert by one of my best guy friends! I was anxious all day before the concert and if you have A.D.D. or something similar you may have experienced what we like to call either time paralysis or waiting mode, which I very much got stuck in. It's when you have an appointment or event later in the day at a specific time and you don't want to miss it or be late so the brain can't manage starting up other tasks. So you're just kind of stuck, waiting, until you get to leave. As you can imagine that is a pain in the butt, especially when the event is much later in the day. So I ended up not being as productive as I needed to be at work Thursday. I was ready to go for dinner before and the concert an hour ahead of time, and then by that point I literally couldn't get myself to do anything else. I did take the time to dress up and put on some makeup which is something I don't do super often. I call it masquerading as a hot girl. I only do it very occasionally then I revert back to my casual self!

I ended up having so much fun at the concert, though I did have some anxiety during the event but not as much as I have dealt with in the past. I definitely think a lot of that had to do with going with a friend I trust implicitly and can always have a good time with! I'll post a couple pictures below of me before the concert and the grainy photo I took during! It was a super good time and made me want to keep breaking out of my anxiety to do that again!

Happy Crafting Friends. May you all have anxious free weekends, and the time you need to relax and reset!

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